Co collection womenswear fashion brand is a product of two Los Angeles designers, Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern.It may feel a bit ordinary and borgois, but this collection has a certain humble elegance to it.

It is very practical and will suit most people, though only one model was used to demonstrate the clothing. Wide pants, often sepia-colored or using other hushed winter tones, mantles and dresses of the same palette. There is a definite air of practicality and cohesive sophistication about it.

Black silky dress and skirt with bow ties, wide brownish pants with flowers.

Sandy long coat, wide sleeved grey jacket. Black and golden circles dress, black formal jacket and wide shorts. White shirt, black suit with wide belt.

Wide black beaded shirt, grey suit with black belt. Black and golden circles shirt, wide sleeved black dress. Fur skirt and white bow tie, long black and gold dress. Blue suit with white flounced sleeves, decolte long dress. Beige sleeveless jacket over white shirt, dark blue two-fold mantle. Beige jacket and skirt, flounced red shirt.

Fur coat, wide sleeved white shirt. with beige jacket.

Yellow fur neckpiece over beige jacket and red shirt, red dress.

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