A clear outline

Here is 20 beauty-trends in 2016 year

1. Baking

In 2015 was popular strobing – is all about getting the perfect glow on your skin so you’ll need to replenish dull, dry skin with a good moisturizer first. For this you need only your fingers and highlighter.
After strobing – came Baking – Baking – the method is similar to highlighting, but without using any shimmer. How it’s done? Lisen: after applying foundation and concealer, use a damp makeup sponge to pat a thick coat of powder on areas that you want to look brighter.


2. Cushion

Now cushion gaining popularity! What is it? The package, which is more like a powder compact, where placed a special sponge impregnated with the product tone. With such a sponge you will get very thin layer to the skin. It is much more convenient than the usual liquid serum or cream, and most importantly, a cushion easy to take with you in your purse.

Cushion Loreal Lancome

3. Nude Face

The effect of “naked faces” supposedly without make-up, will move from 2015, new,2016, and will remain with us for a long time.

Trend Nude Face

4. Pink cheeks

In the fashion images – childishness. Therefore, in the new season emphasize cheeks pale pink blush. Apply them need only the cheekbones, like if you slightly blushed.

Pink cheeks

5. Brown and Bronze Smoky Eyes

Smoky Eyes are now doing is not simple, and bronze! All shades of the same shimmering brown – the main thing was to shine.


6. Glitter

Sequins and glitter on the eyelids – a trend that in the new year will only grow.

Glitter Eyeshadow

7. Neon shadows

The most vivid and crazy colors – neon pink, green, yellow … All this will be fashionably in the spring

neon eyeshadows

8. Blue eyeliner and shadow

If you look at the makeup collection Chanel, Givenchy or of Lancome, you will see that the blue – is the new black. The liner, eyeliner and shadow can be of all shades – from indigo to dark blue.

blue eyeshadow

9. Colored lashes

In 2016, we remember the fashion for colored ink, which was popular in the 90s.

Colored lashes

10. Peach shade

At the peak of their popularity the eyeshadow of peach shades – delicate and refreshing. Especially suited to owners of gray and blue eyes.

Peach Eyeshadow

11. The kiss Effect

Makeup artists YSL and Chanel does not advise use lipstick like Stick or brush, they advise use fingertips as though you have just kissed on the lips.

The kiss Effect

12. A clear outline

However, another, quite the opposite trend, too, is the place to be: returned to the podium a clear outline that is created using a pencil.

A clear outline

13. Red Lipstick again

Red lipstick, as an element of everyday images, is still in vogue. Now this part is not only the style of the evening, the red will look appropriate even in the morning!

Red Lipstick again

14. “The Vampire” lips

The trend is also rich shades reminiscent of the color of blood, – maroon, scarlet.

"The Vampire" lips

15. Tail-tow

New York Fashion Week gave us hot beauty trend-2016, which you can easily be repeated.


16. Hair braids

Braids and cornrows – it all again in vogue

Hair Braids

17. Hair Bangs

Now is the time to do a bang!

Hair Bangs

18. Unusual french manicure

Colored french manicure or geometric patterns on the tips of the nails.

Unusual french manicure

19. Matte nail polish

This season – is season of matte texture. Matte texture with different color.

Matte nail polish

20. Nail polish with glitter

Sequins and glitter in a trend not only in make-up, but also in the nail design. Many manufacturers of nail polish gladly picked up the trend, so that problems with the choice you will not.

Nail polish with glitter

what are you thinking about it?

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