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If Italian fashion design reminds us of classical suits, then collections of Milan Men’s Fashion Week  were much more experimental. Softer tailoring, long figures, distorted silhouettes were all important themes. Damir Doma used his lush monotone looks and softened shoulder lines. Moto Guo is famous for his broken line silhouettes and oversized accessories. MSGM has a row of sportswear inspired colorful, sometimes bright acid items. Gucci offered a lot of stitched together souvenir-inspired items, as if influenced by different travel destination. In general, a lot of designers go for the activewear, sacrificing structured silhouette for comfort and ease of wearing.

Black suede jacket with scarf, metallic stripe skirt and short blouse. Long blue dress with low shoulders, white sweater with application and light blue jeans. Stitched coat with a slogan, white shirt with red stripes. Brand bag and olive green shirt, woman in a power suit and a hat.

Silky peach coat and trousers with blue shoes, soft violet velvet shirt. Short denim jacket, summer dress with low shoulders. Denim skirt on buttons over trousers, false bra over shirt. Underlined trouser zipper and orange bag, dark blue beady dress over folded shirt. Free flowing shirts

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