Paco Rabanne has presented his collection for 2016 autumn and winter and it is both bold and classy. Dominating colours are light grey and blue, almost feldgrau, as well as beige and black leather. Many models were wearing intricate, floral earpieces. The whole collection were reminiscent of November walk along the sea coast. You will can enjoy cold light blue sky, some yellowed coastal grass and black leafless tree trunks. It is a strict and direct northern beauty. Of course, this rigorous minimalism requires a counterpoint that is provided by some Chinese-inspired elements of collection. Many dresses feature lush and colourful ornaments with tigers and dragons.

Another complex and rich element in collection being footwear, it employs same limited colors, but is decorated with leather stripes and patterns.

  leather wing collar tight black collar folded beige wool collar and flap zipped black and blue collar black reflective hanging top and short Asian ornamental top black leather top with flap collar

black stripy leather shoes and flower on black long trousers brown leather shoes and soft white high boots with lycro puffy white skirt and fur-like beige top Silky Asian pattern dress and light blue wool long coat zipped asian top and white sleeveless shirt and black trousers beige top with silevery shoulder pads and black reflective dress with flowers

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