Paris Couture Street Style shows the City of Light denizens and how fashionable and inventive they can be. Many brands can be seen on the street, such as Dior, Valentino, Chanel and Vetements, and often straight out of the catwalk looks are used. Of course, the variety of styles is stunning. Still, certain trends have been noticed. High couture is often contrasted by a simple denim. A lot of silvery sparkling dresses and skirts are worn. Embroidery is often used on tops. Midi hem skirts and dresses are still all the rage.

Transparent beige dress, long deep green dress with folds and stripes. White embroidered dress, blue jeans with short black and white latex top Blue jacket over red shirt, black and grey thin suit. Black silky suit with deep decolte, grey and white square pattern long dress.

Short furry blue and white dress, thick red latex bike jacket. Blue miniskirt and white socks, grey top and pink and white miniskirt. Long grey coat over black top and trousers, thick red coat with embroidery. Flowers and white dress over white top, blue jeans and white shirt. Wide silky black trousers and blackshirt, pink stripy skirt with white topwith pictures. Black skirt with red black and white shirt with applications, black trousers and pink tulle top. Black latex skirt and leather jacket with red and white, long silvery dress and pink glasses. Short black trousers and stripy blue shirt, track trousers and jeans top. Black jacket over white dress, black dress with open back. Golden top, flower skirt. Track trousers and grey jacket, black cap. Leather jacket with blue jeans and sneakers, black jacket with golden buttons. Tight black dress with embroidered beige collar, brown leather jacket. Black dress, denim top and wide trousers. Black flowing shirt, white pattern dress. Brown suit with pink shirt and blue trousers, orange shirt and black trousers. Black latex dress, white high collar shirt. Black latex skirt and jacket, deep blue power suit.

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