Warmth and fashion

Copenhagen Street Fashion is a reflection of that brave and radical spirit and freedom that Denmark is known for. National flag colors, red and white, can be seen in clothing, also some military camo coats with girly peach skirts. A lot of marine colors, such as sea wave green and dark blue are also used. General style is relaxed, confident and comfortable, while at the same time expressive and bold. As it is common in street fashion, brand clothes are often worn with sneakers and denim items. Riskier color choices like tiger patterns and all-red outfits can also be seen. In a Nordic country, people want to see some warm and bright colors and also feel warm in wool and fur.

White T-Shirt with long red skirt, very Danish, camo coat and peach foldy skirt. Aquamarine dress and dark blue woolen coat. Thin white overall, black and white stripy suit. Flower skirt with red yellow black colors, red silky flounced top over soft white sweater.

Red and white shirt with wide red flowing trousers, fractal pattern jacket and jeans. Denim overall, tiger long coat. Black leather skirt and blue sweater, all black skirt and top. Red dress with blue ornament and pompoms on edge, wide white suit. Red velvet flounced top over soft white sweater, peachy sweater and wide golden trousers. Yellow and black tracksuit, black blouse and blue skirt. Translucent aquamarine dress, pink leather coat over black flower dress.

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