Fashion walks the streets

We are all used seeing catwalk shows define our idea of fashion and the most up-to-date clothing, but actually, street fashion may be growing in popularity. After all, we are interested in what to actually wear on a daily basis and how it is going to be perceived. It is sort of democratic, sociological approach to fashion that explores what people are actually wearing, instead of telling them what to do. Kiev Street Fashion Week is a good example. People are wearing a wide variety of clothes, double denim, sweat shirts and in general, give out quite relaxed feel about them. It doesn’t mean there are no some daring cuts and bold color choices. A summer dress with military boots, a hoodie with high leather boots or a large canvas of bright blue and white colors can be both exciting and relaxed.

Blue denim dress, flappy dark blue blouse with square and stripe skirt. Single-piece of fabric dress and sneakers, wide T-shirt. Long sleeve shirt and sailor hat, black flowery short dress. Black dress with cut-outs piece and stripes, long laced white dress.

Black wool hoodie with high leather boots, blue red white block color dress.

what are you thinking about it?

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