Some trends can be noticed during London Fashion Week, and it is all about boldness and unexpected connections. It can be seen in colors used (tangerine, pink, cobalt, aquamarine, honey and mint green), and in the way they are used. In terms of fabric, lots of tweed, cotton and silk are used. Fabrics with raw edges are often employed, as well as combination of very thick and very fine fabrics to create contrast and attract attention. Texture creating methods like lace and macrame, as well as milled checks and stripes are widespread. Clothes from different seasons are often intermixed.

Thick olive green coat with black fur collar and edges, woven white sweater. Soft white and yellow coat with blue umbrella, creme fur coat with wide sleeves. Black leather jackets Open cuts

Brightly colored skirt and wide eye shadows on sepia look. Cobalt blue fur coat, red and green squares suit. Shortened black coat, brutalist chain bag. Striped black bag, golden buttons. Black woolen coat with golden edges, black fur coat. Orange coat and block scarf, beige paper coat. Red leather bag and application dress, fluffy wide fur edged coat. Thick blue striped coat with belt, Vietnam jacket. Fiery red flowers on a black coat, short blue jeans with shiny brown boots. White shirt with black lining, wide sandy suit. Rainbow strapped bag, flounced trousers. Leopard coat, salad green mantle. Yellow square dress, black sweater with white lining. Red cap and dark blue jacket, copper green leather jacket. Wide beige suit. Grey woolen sweater, brass buttons on a black mantle. Short cut jeans and hole pattern stockings. Beige and yellow squares on a coat and wide trousers, white stripe pattern. Richly embroidered dress, wide stripe coat. Black flower adorned bag, beige fluffy coat. Olive green coat over deep red shirt with flowers.

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