Swedish fashion scene has its own style of Scandy fashion, but it is also open to new influences from all over the world. Stockholm Street Style Week is no exception. We can see people wearing denim with brand clothing like Hilfiger, and using comfortable shoes from sportswear giants like Nike and Puma with vintage accessories from Chanel and Dior. Own Scandinavian style and manufacturers definitely play a role as well, with large monotone items like peach top and all-white shirt. Modern brands like Urban Outfitters that popular amongst the youth across the world are represented as well.

Wide gray trousers and lush woolen sweater, dark green top with deep decolte and red shirt. Double denim top and skirt, denim jacket and flower white skirt. Dropped shoulders black top, dark green jacket on a band T-shirt. Gray suit over aquamarine T-shirt, thick tiger top and long black skirt.

Denim jeans with black and flower jacket, black jacket and gold and black skirt. White skirt and white and blue leggings, dark blue jacket. White skirt and white and blue leggings, dark blue jacket. Black velvet jacket over dark green shirt, white shirt and narrow beige trousers. Dark green woolen sweater, blue jeans and grey suit jacket. Open back black top, aquamarine sweater and black long skirt. Flower suit with soft pink and blue colors, leather jacket and dark gold bag.

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