Sarah Burton and other designers in Alexander McQueen brand continue to impress us with their vision and style. The have presented fall and winter men collection and it has many hallmarks of their brand, like attention to the fine detail such as embroidery, butterflies and lush complex patterns. If their women collection was about fairy tale sylvan ultrafeminine feel, then this one definitely uses some archetypal male clothing, like long sleeveless overcoats and military-inspired red uniforms, enriched by some web and floral patterns. Designers work inside the traditional confines of strict male fashion, and that presents quite the challenge. They tried and mended together modern looking piercing and chain carrying models with Victorian hussar jackets, roomy overcoats and double-breasted suiting. Overall, with wing-collared shirts and slimmer, less stuffed outer clothing, this collection is not a typical menswear clothing, but it is a pretty typical McQueen fashion, a sort of Savage Beauty meets Victorian constraint.

Narrow black suit with silvery butterflies, red jacket with jet. Black striped suits, sharp and softened shoulders. Light brown coat and white tuxedo with butterfly pattern Black jackets with white and silvery floral patterns.

Military jackets with macrame and jet, in red and black, high collars. Long sleeveless coat, long black embroidered coat over red sweater. Beige sweater with butterflies, black suit with white flower pattern. Long black coat with flowers, narrow black tuxedo. Double-breasted coat with fur bottom, long white silky shirt. Narrow black coat and tuxedo.

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