New romance ?

Brock designers revive certain fashion themes like ruffles and flounces, especially with white and light blue fabric, to seduce and entertain us and hint on their affection for romanticism. Their collection has a lot of strapless dresses, tube tops and a lot of them use ruffles around the neck line.

On A-line skirts, ruffled trims veered off course to create organic and flowing feel. Their color palette ranged from pure white and peach flowers to black velvet and dark gold. That type of clothing can be definitely considered for wearing by certain adventurous and sentimental types, which includes us all at some point in life.

White striped trousers, flounced and tucked up white skirt. Copper flowers on white dresses. Narrow skirt with wave pattern, low shoulder dress with flounced top. Gleaming brown dress and jacket with green and purple flowers.

Black dresses, shoulder and strap held. Silver gray dresses with brass flowers. Silver dress with brass flowers and black belt. Gleaming narrow white dress, silver with flowers top and trousers. Beige and red palette dress and trousers, white jacket. Creme dress, palette blouse. Dark gold mantle and ochra dress. White and dark gold tunica and trousers. White dresses with belt. White mantle, thin striped white skirt. Flounced white dresses.

what are you thinking about it?

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