There are several key features in this large (90+ looks) collection from the famous French brand.

Brighter colors is a big one, because this time, Chanel is filled with fuchsia, pink and magenta. It goes a long way to liven up traditional cold blue, black and grey winter clothing. Outfits are often very elegant, employing pleated chiffon, tulle ruffles and cream lace pitted against the black leather laces. To accessorize models, Lagerfeld used pearl necklaces.

This collection is far from abstract art, and streetwear trend was illustrated by tweed, leather and felt hats, ornamented with flowers or Byzantine crosses. Karl compared hats with motorcycle helmets and used them profusely.

Footwear often included tall riding boots with wingtip brogue treatment.Aside of black and brown leather, there was some extravagant bright magenta tweed.

In a makeup venue, Chanel introduced quilted eye shadows that leave a veil-wearing impression.

Tweed jacked and skirt, felt hat, square pattern. Square pattern, red and white shirt, two-fold dark blue and gold jacket. Diagonal square pattern long dresses with rough edges. Long mantle with zigzag pattern and pearl necklace. Tweed dress.

Red mantle and hat. Golden hat with blue mantle with white angles. Red and pink dresses with scarf and sleeves. Soft yellow mantle and skirt. Magenta and pink jackets with pearl necklaces. Fuchsia tulle dress, pink tweed dress. Magenta jacket and pink skirt, blue and pink jacket with blue boots. Orange dress with magenta boots, pink jacket with blue denim skirt. Crimson dress and hat, denim jacket and pink skirt. Magenta tweed dress with scarf and pearls, violet and grey jacket and skirt. Flounced crimson shirt and rough fuchsia skirt, denim jacket and violet and grey skirt. Rough fuchsia square dress, violet and grey dress.

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