Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier presented a sort of basic, but pleasant lean and black silhouette. Then they added some coloring and decorative flourish, but there is always a degree of restraint and modernist aestethic. Occasional wide open shoulders and flounces added a hint of exotica. But overall, the was a feeling that this collection is too standard, more of a placeholder for a time when fully empowered designer will be able to make decisions on his own and invent new bold vision for a famous brand. However, in the mean time, those clothing items can be perhaps more wearable and less abstract for a common consumer.

Bright red mantle. Narrow dark blue dress. Creme white mantle, grey dress with brown flowers. Sparkly blue dress, white dress with scarf collar. Black dress/skirt with flowery silk pieces.

Bright translucent pattern fabric as open shoulder blouse or skirt. White dress with blue lining, dark blue dress. Tight dark blue mantle, open cut skirt with brass lining. Brown yellow coat, silky blue dress. Open shoulder dresses, w/o fur collar. Open shoulder dresses, dark blue and grey. Blue and orange skirt, black and flower open shoulder dress. 21 Short blue mantle. White jacket and skirt. Tight white jacket with skirt, silver black pattern blouse and skirt. Open flap collar suede jacket. One shoulder open dress. Open shoulder dresses. Deep blue blouse with long sleeves, short sleeved blouse with colorful lining. Grey and red sweater with a skirt, blue mantle. Olive green mantle over white sweater. Pink silky dress with embroidered floral patterns. Rised up shoulders dress, smooth and soft orange sweater. Shiny flowers on dark blue dress, rough square pattern on skirt. Open fur flaps on white mantle, flounced belt on a dress. Scarfed collar on long flower dress, dropped shoulders dress. Blue flower dress and skirt. Dark blue mantles with yellow jacket/red flowers. Dark blue dresses with dropped/soft shoulders. Dark blue jacket and mantle.

what are you thinking about it?

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