Gucci menswear spring summer 2016 (photo):



























what are you thinking about it?

23 thoughts on “Gucci menswear spring summer 2016

  1. This some of Gucci’s Worst Shit, they are deliberately trying to make Faggs out of Men!!! Shame on Gucci

  2. I have never seen anything so hideous and disgusting in my life. Whoever comes up with this stuff is either mentally deranged, possessed by demons, on a LOT of psychotropic drugs, or all of the above! Burn every last one of those outfits stat!

    1. I feel SO sorry for those poor models…having to be seen in those hideous clothing! Gucci used to mean fine clothing…now it seems to only mean clothing that was designed by a three-year-old. Someone in a comment earlier said something about Gucci trying to make fags out of men. I disagree. Pretty much all the homosexual men that I know would are very fashion conscious and take pride in their appearance and would not be caught dead in this garbage! Those models must have needed money very, very badly to agree to appear in those monstrosities!

  3. i agree with all of the comments that this is not fashion it is a deliberate attempt to pervert the world and to fly in the face of God and His design.. God will not be mocked…

    1. One of the facebook comments above said this and it is so true, especially when I read your comment:

      In nature if any animal becomes weak other animals will move in and take over its territory.

  4. These men if they go out in the public are going to get the butts kicked in. This is a shame. Society should censor this from going out on the streets. I am afraid that some men will really hurt them.

  5. What a waste of time and energy. This is a freak show put on by freaks, for freaks. No self-respecting American man is going to dress like this. It’s the stuff of comedy. And rather dark comedy at that.

  6. Feminine man……Is this how the house of Gucci pretends to deterred the raping of females in Europe? This fashion will definitively incite Islamic to rape man in Europe too. Perhaps starting with the designers from Gucci……

  7. Apparently Gucci ran out of designers…this is the most shameful line of clothing that my eyes have ever had to endure. Most repulsive excuse for clothing I have ever seen…ever! I pity the poor models having to shame themselves in such a way.

  8. I’m in my 70’s and I remember when men were men and proud of it. The only time a man might have worn anything like this for a Halloween party! A disgusting display of what we have become.

  9. Absolutely awful, disgusting. Not style!!! Just clothes thrown and wrapped around.
    Does nothing for the men or the couple of women
    Worst ever. Need to start over to get the world to take on the styles
    Some look like they are living off the street
    Found whatever in the street and wrapped or threw it on.


  10. Yep, the Lord’s return isn’t far off although believe it or not things will get even worse! Abide in Jesus Christ!

  11. I get that “runway” is not “everyday” fashion. I get that. But this is HORRIBLE. Are these male models? Female models? I would laugh if someone showed up in one of these horrid outfits.

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