Mr. Lagerfeld has unveiled his Spring and Summer 2017 collection. It is all about black and white, deep blue or crimson red, checkered pants, black leather on short skirts, sleeveless jackets and pants. Fingerless gloves, helmets, neck pieces and bags are often used as accessories. This collection is sharp, tight and sexy, pretty much what we came to expect from a renowned designer.

There are elements that are both formal and daring, revealing and classic. Karl seems to intentionally limit himself to a certain arsenal of techniques in order to better reveal his vision and present a more cohesive and ambitious collection.

1. Checkered shirt and fingerless leather gloves, black jacket and leather pants. 2. Brand black and white T-Shirts with pants and skirt. Checkered pants and helmets with leather jacket or short skirt. Silky black neckpiece with suit, checkered blouse and skirt.

Grey grid pattern jacket, all white suit with black tie. Leather folded or checkered mini skirt, shirt with neckpiece or scarf. Leather jacket and pants, shorts and jacket. Black and white grid jacket and skirt, checkered pants with white shirt. Brand T-shirt or silky black shirt with pants or skirt. Leather sleeveless jacket over white T-shirt. White shirt and skirt, leather pants and sleeveless jacket. Strapped leather pants, urban pattern skirt and smooth black shirt with a belt. Blue leather and a skirt. 5 Leather coat with deep blue pants, red and black leopard dress. Black dress, dark grey shirt with black lining and red shorts. Leather jacket and pants, leather mini skirt. Red leopard tights with brand shirt, leather jacket and strapped skirt.

what are you thinking about it?

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