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4 thoughts on “Simone Rocha summer 2016 collection

  1. Hi!I’m a 19 year old guy form Belgium who discovered your blog tahnks to the site of the French Vogue. And this seems so surreal =)I’ve seen you so many times on runways and then I saw you on that commercial for the fragrance ‘Elle’ by Yves Saint Laurent. So when I see you in a magazine or something I kind of have the feeling that I know you. But of course, you always look so gorgeous and professional that you seem untouchable.But now I discover this blog and I see that you’re real, and you’re fun! ^^ Prouving that you can be a model and stay true to yourself.I dream to be a model too but I’m studying and I don’t know how to start.Anyway, enjoy your holidays! Bye!PS1: I’m realy sorry if I made some mistakes, I knew English only tahnks to school ;)PS2: I give you the adress of my own blog if you want to leave me a message =)

  2. Harm? A lot of it!!!This one guy came on my farm, and just started planting then removing, rinse and repeat, until I noticed what he was doing exactly and had to end the game. It cost me close to 10,000 coins, so wasn’t impressed.Someone has to say it- Avatar Farm Online is a HAVEN for griefers!! Fun game and all but those few can ruin it all in seconds.

  3. It’s quite an experience – blizzard with thunder & 70mph gusts of wind. We’re stocked with food, water, candles, etc. but I REALLY hope the power doesn’t go out. A friend of mine was stranded in his car on Lake Shore Drive (runs right along the lake’s coast here in the city) for 8 HOURS tonight. Snowmaggedon!

  4. I live the area about 1 hour from FT. Bragg and some of the " testing " ranges are fairly close to us . I and others here are very familiar with these ground trembling booms , Of course nobody in are area knows where they come from or what they are for sure . It's thought to be military artillery testing but the odd thing is , This all started only a few years ago and starts this time of year every year from 7 pm to 9:30 pm .

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