Style over fashion

Tom Ford’s Spring and Summer ready to wear collection adheres to the principle he declared: “I prefer style over fashion”. He also asked himself question:”Will someone wear that in 20 years?”

It is not surprising then, that Ford collection is elegant, chic and not too stuffy. He used some tweed items to that effect, as well as small brown leather tops, looking like peasant blouse and a T-shirt with dropped shoulders. Brown leather as well as furry edges were used quite often, as well as reddish velvet and suede. Some outfits had a subtle multi-strap look, that gave them a somewhat subversive feel.

White fur mantle with black and orange, black suede dress. Red and black fur jacket, yellow circle pattern on black suit. Low decolte velvet blouse with block color skirt, long puffy overcoat. Red leather jacket with leopard padding, black trench coat.

Leopard suit with leather straps, crimson velvet jacket and red shirt. Grey mantle and wide trousers, grey blouse and narrow skirt. Brown leather jacket, great mantle over brown leather dress. Green camouflage jacket, grey suit. Green camo jacket with leather straps, dark gray jacket with leather skirt. Leather mantle with pink fur padding, orange suede jacket over yellow shirt. Soft shouldered jacket and leather pants, long black coat with fur lining. Leather and woolen skirt, dark blue mantle. Leopard mantle, white and grey fur coat. Fur mantle, suede mantle. Soft brown leather jackets with skirts.

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