Kanye West has presented his another collection under Yeezi label. Beige parkas, hoodies, bra tops, tight tank dresses combined with over-the-knee boots, often suede or polyvinylchloride.

All models were black, wearing beige, white and other pale colors. Reportedly, this collection was exceptionally poorly presented, with location being announced on the last minute, models fainting in the sun without medical attention after marching in a kind of military formation. All in all, it was a typical Kanye West ego trip, exciting in its absurdity.

Black woolen and leather parkas with soft boots. Camo shirt with long sleeves and above knee boots, puffed blue coat. Long sleeve camouflage jackets. Beige parka with yellow leggings, blue winter pattern coat.

Beige dresses. Creme coat, light salad green parka. Beige parka and long coat. Beige dress and high white boots, golden leather parka. Puffed creme coat, thin white coat. Woolen underpants and bra, laced beige dress. White coat, white narrow skirt and woolen bra. White shirt and shorts, creme coat. Long white jackets. Open shoulder woolen dress, short beige dress. Short dresses with high boots.

what are you thinking about it?

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