How to wear denim jacket men?

How to wear denim jacket men: 5 cool ways 1# Beckham’s style This means that you can combine track pants and a sweatshirt. In addition roll up the sleeves to accentuate the relaxed vibe. 2# Double denim Combination of trendy jeans and denim jacket is always in vogue. 3# Contrast color Stylist […]

Boots with shorts street style trend

Boots with shorts street style trend 2015 photos review: Asking yourself: How to wear desert boots with shorts? – check the best street style outfits that we collected for you! Boots with shorts men photos Boots with shorts women photos

How to wear denim overalls

How to wear denim overalls in summer? Denim overalls or dungarees have been going strong as a trend for a couple of seasons. In the Summertime it can be worn with crop top and sandals, however the trend is carrying on into autumn, you just have to choose a cardigan or sweater […]

One-Piece Swimsuits and Monokinis for summer 2015

One-Piece Swimsuits Monokinis for summer 2015 review: Black Jade Monokini Dani Black Monokini Irina Shayk in Bendito Sabueso One Piece swimsuit Amber Beaded Maillot Florence Snake One Piece Karen White Monokini Neutra Klein Maillot Deep Blue Sharkbite Monokini Bendito Maleza Monokini Brena Navy Monokini Tropical Punch Monokini Bendito Camello One Piece Bendito […]

Best bikini summer 2015

A trendy swimsuit is the best way to look hot at the beach, So let’s check latest summer fashion trends. Best bikini summer 2015 photos review: Printed swimwear summer 2015 Retro swimsuits Sporty Chic Swimwear Fluttering Flounce Bikini Tops Provocative Sheer Swimwear Ruffled Swimwear Sexy Cut-Away Swimwear and Sexy Monokinis Unconventional […]

How to wear denim shirt?

How to wear a Denim Shirt in different ways? You can combine it with different clothes and colors, but the most attractive ways to wear it are: Double denim – shorts, jeans, skirt – no matter what you choose, because the main accent is on color. Do not take same […]

Dolce and Gabbana Summer makeup 2015

Dolce and Gabbana Summer makeup 2015 Shine Collection Review: Featuring light blue, rosy and coral shades this new summer 2015 makeup line has everything you’ll need to create a trendy summer makeup look. Smooth Eye Colour Duo, color: Summer Hue 104/Lipstick Sheer Nail polish Light Blue 717/ Powder Glow Illuminating Luna 4 […]